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"Explore Cuisine has become a pantry staple in our house. I always have some on hand. It's so easy to make quick dinners and I love that it's kind of a vehicle for getting in healthy foods. I usually toss in a bunch of different veggies making it an uber filling meal".

-Kelly Plowe, MS, RD, CSSD| and freelance writer for LIVESTRONG.COM

"My absolute favorite gluten-free pastas/noodles. Explore Cuisine offers incredible products that are high in quality and low in ingredients. You can’t go wrong with brown rice vermicelli for the perfect Singapore noodles bowl!"

-Margaret Chapman, Vegan Chef and Writer of The Plant Strong Vegan

"Since going gluten-free, I've struggled to find a gluten-free pasta that I actually enjoy. It got so bad to the point where I stopped eating pasta in general. Once I came across Explore Cuisine Edamame Spaghetti Noodles, that all changed. Not only did I now have a pasta that actually tasted good, but I also found a pasta that was healthy for me too. I live a pretty active lifestyle so healthy is very important to me. This pasta had the protein, fiber, and all the right ingredients that I look for in a product. As a blogger who has tried nearly every gluten-free pasta on the market, I continue to eat only Explore Cuisine pastas since it continues to be my favorite and the brand that I trust the most."

Taylor Miller - Founder/Director of Online & Social Media Marketing - GlutenAway, LLC

"Explore Asian pastas are certified gluten free and high in protein which is important to me since I follow a strict gluten free diet. They taste amazing, and I love coming up with new ways to prepare these dishes and share them with my followers on @GlutenFree.FollowMe !"

-Jackie Aanonsen, Founder of Gluten Free Follow Me

"I use Explore Cuisine noodles weekly in my meal prep. They are quick and easy to make and always complete my meal. As an added bonus, my kids enjoy them just as much as I do."

Pip - 555 Fitness

"I often cook for myself and my family with the wonderful pastas made by Explore Cuisine. They are so healthy, but mostly I have to admit, they just taste amazing!"

Carol Kicinski, Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Simply Gluten Free magazine.

"It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the fabulous folks at Explore Cuisine during their rebranding. Throughout the process I had the opportunity to taste every new item...and they all rock! My favorite is the no-boil green lentil lasagne. The lasagne sheets are a gorgeous color, absorb over twice the sauce and plump to the perfect consistency. They taste amazing and who can resist a healthier lasagne with higher fiber and protein, and lower net carbs? Love and best wishes for super success with the new products."

-Lori Lynn. Chef, Food Photographer, Food Writer - Taste With The Eyes

"I'm such a fan of the Explore Cuisine pastas! I love that they check all the important boxes for me - they're made from whole foods, have great taste and texture, and are organic. I recommend them to all of my clients and followers!"

-Tess Challis, vegan chef, author, wellness coach

"Explore Cuisine is one of my favorite gluten free pastas. Not only do they cook perfectly with the same texture as traditional pasta, but the naturally occurring high fiber and high protein content surpasses any other pasta Iv'e seen on the market. And the best part? Explore Cuisine doesn't add any unnecessary ingredients! Clean and simple, just the way I like it!"

@lilsipper on Instagram

"I have absolutely loved the Explore Cuisine range for years now and continue to highly recommend incorporating the variety of products into your diet. They are absolutely packed with protein and dietary fibre to keep you full for hours, as well as contain resistant starch to boost gut health and help with blood sugar regulation; the diverse range of delicious products are a great inclusion no matter what your dietary, health or culinary goals are."

-Kara Landau Founding Manager, Head Dietitian, Author and Media Spokesperson for Travelling Dietitian

"I LOVED it!! When I checked the ingredients I noticed it was a blend of both red lentil flour and brown rice flour, but what I loved the most is that it's mostly made out of red lentils and you guys included the percentage. This is my biggest issue with other brands out there that claim "quinoa" pasta even though quinoa is only a tiny pct. of the overall ingredients.
I've had many other red lentil pastas out there, but I like the combo you guys used, but still kept the pasta mostly composed of red lentils. It takes the chalky edge off the texture and flavor, and most importantly, it still tastes great the next day.”

- Anjali Lalani, Vegetarian Gastronomy

"When I was stuck in a junk food binge eating cycle for 5 years, one of my regular go-to foods was pasta. I loved the bouncy-ness of it, the pleasure and comfort with rich sauces. But shortly after I didn't enjoy how my body felt when it was trying to digest the preservatives, refined sugars and gluten-full ingredients. The ingredients in conventional pasta is just so taxing on the body. When I started my blog The Earth Diet, I declared that for 365 days I would focus only on what nature provided, and because I was healing some major health issues I committed to being gluten free for the most part. Back then (7 years ago) I had no idea about different types of pasta alternatives. When I moved from Australia to New York I discovered Explore Cuisine and I was in heaven! Now I could have my pasta and eat it too. It is absolutely amazing how today we can enjoy a variety of pasta like Explore Cuisine that is made from plants and is gluten free yet still gives us that "pasta" satisfaction. The lasagna is mind blowing and so fulfilling. Being a chef, Author and Health Coach I have shared Explore Cuisine with thousands of people from around the world who are absolutely in love with it too. It's always fun to feed it to traditional pasta lovers who won't believe it is gluten free and made with chick peas or lentils! Its a great dish to win junk food lovers over into the natural lifestyle arena. We are living in such great times when we can enjoy a delicious pasta dish and at the same time receive nutritional benefits from it! I love the clean feeling this pasta has plus it is high in protein so leaves us feeling fulfilled but not heavy and bloated. Absolute bliss."

-Liana Werner-Gray, Best Selling Author of "The Earth Diet"

"As a vegan mother of 2, I am constantly trying to find healthy foods for my children. As we all know, "pasta" is one of America's comfort foods and definitely a first choice for children. Both of my kids love Explore Cuisine bean noodles. They cook up so quickly and we add some coconut oil or Earth Balance, some veggies, salt and sometimes some melt some Daiya cheese in there and it's a healthy, delicious, protein-packed meal. Adults love it to. We are so thankful for these amazing products that make it easy be healthy."

-Sara Paul founder 5 Carrots and heath conscious mother

"As the 2016 Crossfit Teenage Champion, I love Explore Cuisine products. The high protein and low carbs help me to meet my nutrition goals and they taste great too!"

- Kaela

"I usually don't like when my Mom tries to feed me healthy foods, but I really love Explore Cuisine products! I can eat a whole plateful of the black bean pasta. It's my favorite pasta.”

- Brody, age 10